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    Commitment to scientific excellence


Forensic Analytical Sciences is a full-service laboratory that focuses on the evidence and the case. Our entire staff works collaboratively as a team to meet client expectations. We work hard to consistently provide excellent customer service and exceptional scientific work products and services that can withstand the highest levels of scientific and legal scrutiny.

We follow strict procedural protocols as well as maintain a rigorous quality assurance program. Our forensic Management System, DNA program and Toxicology Controlled Substances program are ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

Whether your case is handled by a single analyst or by a combination of DNA, firearms, pathology or toxicology analysts, we have the ability:

  • to analyze & take into consideration the complexity of all the evidence in your case
  • give comprehensive meaning to all of the issues involved
  • create reports that make you an expert
  • testify with confidence


DNA & Forensic Biology

  • Evidence examination for biological materials
  • DNA analysis

Forensic Pathology

  • Review of death investigation materials
  • Microscopic & Neuropathology exams
  • Consultation

General Criminalistics

  • Ballistics, Firearms & Toolmarks
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Fingerprints, Shoeprints, Tiretracks

Forensic Toxicology

  • Blood alcohol analysis (ethanol)
  • Drug screening & confirmation
  • Controlled substance analysis

The above is a short list of the services we provide. Please click below for a more detailed list.


Our Laboratory

Forensic Analytical Sciences is committed to scientific excellence. We are an independent crime lab celebrating 20 years of providing worldwide quality and comprehensive forensic science assistance to the criminal justice community.

We specialize in the identification, analysis and interpretation of all types of physical evidence. Our analysts provide comprehensive case review, consultation, testing & expert witness testimony in all of our service offerings.

Our analytical staff has a total combined experience of over 200 years on thousands of cases. Our clients include criminal defense and civil attorneys, district & prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, law enforcement agencies and private investigators.




2016 was a year of major improvement in the Forensic Biology/DNA analysis section at FASc. We have installed instruments that both improve our case turnaround time and lower the cost of DNA testing. Our robotic instrumentation reduces time investment for high DNA yield samples that do not require the more labor-intensive manual organic DNA extraction and purification process – while maintaining organic extraction capability to maximize DNA yield from samples that contain minimal amounts of biological material. Our DNA analysis capability has greatly improved with implementation of the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer 3500, a state-of-the-art multi-capillary instrument, coupled with GeneMapper ID-X STR analysis software to provide the ultimate combination of sample throughput, sizing precision, and STR allele detection sensitivity. In early 2017 we will 1) implement STR analysis of every sample that includes all of the 20 CODIS core loci now required by the FBI; we plan 2) to implement new four point DNA quantification methodology that will provide a true “endpoint” for the confident termination of any sample analysis destined to fail, and 3) to implement probabilistic genotyping software to aid in the interpretation of complex DNA mixtures. Our DNA section is accredited to the most recent ISO/IEC 17025 and FBI QAS by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), and we have access to CODIS through partnership with a government crime lab.

These major enhancements allow us to complete most analyses and provide verbal results within two weeks of submission of the necessary physical evidence. And there is no surcharge for expedited service – if we cannot accommodate your timeframe we will refer you to another lab that might be in a better position to assist you.

As always, each of our DNA analysts can provide expert review and desktop re-analysis of other-lab generated data. Together we have over 45 years of forensic serology and DNA analysis experience. We can provide expert consultation for virtually any forensic biology issue, be it presumptive testing, body fluid identification, obsolete test findings (conventional ABO/protein analysis, DQA1/Polymarker/D1S80/RFLP), paternity testing, civil accident or wrongful death investigation.

Please contact us at 510-266-8100 or or email us at for any Forensic Biology/DNA-related issue.