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Our History and Beliefs Make Our Lab Unique:

Forensic Analytical Sciences was founded in 1994 by David Kahane on the beliefs and teachings of the father of American modern forensics, Paul L. Kirk, who believed that the best forensic analysis is done when experts from a variety of disciplines work together, in the same room and at the same time, to discuss, brainstorm, and build on each other's expertise. Together, they come to the most complete and accurate conclusions. For nearly every lab in existence today, that belief has given way to the priority of decreasing backlogs at the expense of taking all the evidence under consideration.

Attorneys, litigators, law enforcement agencies and private investigators consistently come to us because they know that Forensic Analytical Sciences is firmly committed to bringing together the best experts and providing them the collaborative environment that produces the best results.


"Criminalistics is an occupation that has all the responsibility of
medicine, the intricacy of the law, and the universality of science."

-- Paul L. Kirk