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Customer Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey. So that we may better serve you and your company, we want to hear from you about your Forensic Analytical Sciences experience. This survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

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Survey Questions

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1. How would you rate Forensic Analytical Sciences, Inc.?  (5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor)
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Quality of Work
Turnaround Time
Cost / Value
Capabilities / Scope of Service
Ease To Work With
Technical Competency
Customer Service
Invoicing / Billing Process
Meeting Promised Deadlines
Leadership in Field
Overall Experience
Follow Up
2. Are there services you need now or in the future that we are not currently providing?
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3. If there were any problems or issues, did we correct them promptly to your satisfaction?
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4. What services did you hire us to perform?
Case Review / Consultation
Pathology Review / Consultation
Firearms & Tool Mark Examinations
DNA & Forensic Biology
Toxicology Services
Court Testimony
If other, please specify:
5. How did you hear about us?
Returning Client
Referral by Colleague
Professional Meeting / Tradeshow / Presentation
Internet Search - Website / Mail / Journal / Article
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6. Would you recommend us to others?
Without Hesitation
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7. Did we provide court testimony?
If yes, was the witness' technical expertise adequate?
If no, please explain:
Was the testimony clear and effective?
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8. Do you use other labs or consultants for the same services that we provide?
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9. Do you know that we provide the following services?
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Forensic Biology and DNA Typing
Crime Scene Reconstruction
Blood Stain Pattern Analysis
Firearms and Tool Mark Examinations
Bullet Trajectory Analysis
Gunshot Residue Analysis - GSR kits and clothing analysis
Impression Evidence - fingerprint, shoe prints and tire tracks
Trace Evidence Examinations - fibers, glass, hair, and paint
Forensic Pathology Services - review of all death investigation
related documentation
Neuropathology Examinations
Toxicology Services - blood alcohol analysis, drug testing,
screening and confirmation for common drugs of abuse plus
non-routine drugs (e.g. bath salts)
Controlled Substances Identification and Quantization
Methamphetamine Wipe Analysis
10. Please provide any other comments or feedback: