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General Criminalistics

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When two items or substances come together, they behave and interact in ways that tell a story. Our scientists are here to provide expert testimony, comprehensive case review, and consultation. Our General Criminalistics team has decades of experience with any and all types of evidence.

Cases that involve crime scene reconstruction are typically multi-faceted which can involve reconstructing what happened at a crime scene by examining the actual scene where the event occurred and by reviewing various reports such as police reports, laboratory reports, laboratory notes, and photographs. It can also include examining a variety of evidence such as firearms and clothing which can contain other types of evidence such as biological (i.e. - blood & bodily fluids), impression (i.e. - fingerprints and shoe prints) and trace evidence (i.e. - hair, fibers, glass). Our scientists have the resources to analyze firearms at our laboratory in order to determine functionality as well as generate test fires for the comparison of bullet and cartridge cases.

Whether it is a recreation of a crime that occurred in a bedroom or one from a drive-by shooting, we can assist in determining what may have most likely transpired at the scene and provide you with the decision-making information you need.

Services include:

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
    • Bloodstain pattern analysis
    • Bullet trajectory analysis
    • Firing distance determination
  • Firearms & tool mark examinations
    • Firearm mechanism examination (function of firearms)
    • Cartridge case ejection patterns
    • Firearms serial number restoration
    • Comparison of bullets, cartridge cases and tool marks
  • Gunshot residue analysis
  • Impression evidence
    • Fingerprints, shoe prints, and tire tracks
  • Trace evidence evaluations
    • Fibers, paint, glass, hairs