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DNA & Forensic Biology

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Our forensic biology team has been conducting criminal and civil investigations, in both law enforcement and private sector laboratories, since 1982 and has been conducting PCR-based DNA analysis over the past 25 years. We have experienced the growth of the forensic PCR-based genetic discrimination arsenal from a single gene to the state-of-the-art simultaneous amplification of numerous STRs.

Our work in the successful detection of biological evidence and DNA analysis, including assisting prosecutors and defense attorneys from across the country in hundreds of criminal cases, as well as conducting over 100 post-conviction DNA-based investigations, has earned national acclaim. Our work has led to the exoneration of over 50 wrongly-convicted defendants including several that had been sentenced to death.

Our DNA forensic scientists also provide consultation, case review, and expert testimony. We have the advantage of routinely reviewing case notes and reports from numerous other forensic laboratories, public and private, from throughout the United States, giving us comprehensive exposure to industry practices. This provides a solid foundation for enabling us to identify potential sources of concern in any investigation.

Our laboratory adheres to a strict in-house quality assurance/quality control program and our DNA section is accredited by Forensic Quality Services, the longest established provider of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations to forensic testing agencies in the United States. Our ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accreditation includes biological screening and autosomal and Y-chromosome STR analysis in forensic casework.

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Services include:

  • Evidence Examination for Biological Material
  • DNA Typing Using Identifiler®, MiniFiler™, & Y-Filer®