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Forensic Analytical Sciences and its employees are unique in the field of Forensic Science. We are the only independent forensic laboratory in the State of California providing comprehensive consultation, case review, testing and expert witness services in almost every forensic discipline. Our scientists have testified in nearly all of the United States as well as in federal and international courts in such service offerings as:

  • DNA and Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Pathology
  • General Criminalistics (Crime Scene Reconstruction, Firearms, Tool Marks, Gunshot Residue, Impression and Trace Evidence)
  • Forensic Toxicology (Blood alcohol, Drug screening/confirmation and Controlled substance analysis)

Our highly skilled and trained technical staff approaches casework in a professional and meticulous manner following strict chain-of-custody and procedural protocols, non-disclosure policies and documentation requirements. Forensic Analytical Sciences maintains a rigorous quality assurance program encompassing all facets of the analytical process from sample receipt, chain-of-custody, sample tracking, sample preparation and analysis, quality control and data review to final analytical report review, issuance of client reports, and sample storage.

All of our scientists are active members in multiple professional associations and participate in mandatory external proficiency testing and continuing professional education programs to stay on top of the field.

Our entire staff works collaboratively as a team to meet the expectations and needs of each client. We work hard to consistently provide excellent customer service and exceptional scientific work products and services. The confidence our clients place in our scientific abilities and technical knowledge is a testament to the success of our business.