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Forensic Toxicology

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Our expert toxicologists are here to provide expert testimony as well as case review and consultation. We have the advantage of routinely reviewing casework bench notes and procedures from forensic laboratories throughout the United States, giving us exposure to the best practices and enabling us to identify potential sources of error.

Our toxicologists have been retained as experts on hundreds of DUI, narcotics and homicide cases involving forensic toxicology/pathology issues. Our ability to handle toxicology cases in a timely manner and to testify without complication given our convenient location in San Francisco Bay Area and proximity to the courts allows us to ease any concerns about scheduling and adjudicating cases.

Unlike many other laboratories, we frequently accept non-routine, special cases for analysis, for example:

  • Analysis of apricot pits in stomach contents for the presence of cyanide
  • Pepper spray analysis
  • Analysis of specific lot numbers of energy drinks for the presence of cocaine
  • Testing of beverages and food stuffs for the presence of THC and coca tea bags for the presence of cocaine
  • Analysis of food items for the presence of adulterants/medications

Our senior forensic toxicologists are licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health as Clinical Toxicologists. Our forensic toxicologists are active members of multiple professional associations & participate in mandatory external proficiency testing and continuing professional education programs to stay on top of the field.

Services include:

  • Alcohol
  • Drug testing
  • Controlled substances
  • Pharmaceutical residue testing
  • Wipes analysis
  • Reference work