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Wipe Analysis

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Analysis for Methamphetamine Levels

At clandestine methamphetamine drug labs, toxic chemical residues are released into the surrounding areas and absorbed into building materials: liquid spills on counters and floors; chemical contamination on porous/non-porous, household surfaces; residues in air ventilation systems. People living in these or surrounding buildings can be exposed to the hazards of these residues.

Although there are state-to-state differences with regards to notification, city and county processes, one thing remains the same: there will be a need for clean-up. Formal clean-up requirements vary state-to-state as do the requirements for those who are authorized to perform the clean-up and sample the affected areas. The analysis of the clean-up of a clandestine laboratory is determined primarily through the use of wipes which are collected and examined for levels of methamphetamine.

Our toxicology laboratory can provide wipe collection kits along with detailed sampling instructions and provide quantitative results in a report that is easy to understand.

If you require wipe collection kits or have any questions regarding sampling and sample submission, please contact us at (510) 266-8100 or .

Note: Testing for other residues including meth precursors and MDMA, controlled substances and pharmaceuticals is avaialble upon request.